Agile working is all about creating a space that provides choice

Bespoke Huddlebox and Dots at Little Dots Studio

From start-up to grown up

Little Dot Studios is a digital studio and broadcaster, distributing original content and premium television shows across a variety of social platforms. Since their formation

Workagile Huddlebox installation in plywood finish

Small Space – Big Ideas

For some, the luxury of space is simply not a possibility. Or so it would seem… For our latest project, working with our client Siblingz

Deliveroo branded Rokkadots by Workagile

Deliveroo rock the Rokkadot

Rokkadot makes a highly meaningful contribution to creating a communicative, collaborative and inspiring workplace. It’s definitely a smile generator amongst team members and visitors. We

Workagile Huddlebox close up in office setting

Helping HSBC to Work Agile

Huge industry names are investing in office and retail spaces and buildings with a view to attract and retain the best talent in the industry.

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