A smart space dividing system,
making teams work


Anyway is a modular, space dividing system, that is designed with simplicity in mind. Boasting shelving and incorporated collaboration seating, the Anyway product is truly multi-functional.
Workagile Anyway modular icon

Build up from a
single seat

Using a single seat module, you can create endless configurations that incorporate shelving, seating and screening. The exposed frames create an industrial but stunning aesthetic and comes in standard colours or RAL matched. Paired with matching shelving and tabletops to complete the look!
Workagile Anyway modular seat / shelf combination
Workagile space planning diagram for Anyway modular space dividing system


Modular Design
Designed with simplicity in mind, it is easy to make hundreds of configurations out of just a few modules.
Anyway coloured steel frames
Coloured steelframes

Choose from standard colours or RAL match your own!


anyway matching shelving and tabletops
Matching shelving
and tabletops

Many options available fromnatural woods to colours.


Anyway steel frames
Height adjustablefeet

Negotiate unevenfloors or levels.


Anyway Modular seating/shelves
Modular and demountable

Perfect for the flexible workspace!


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Anyway Sizes

& Measurements
Workagile Anyway module line drawing

Anyway Module

Width: 1075mm
Depth: 600mm
Height: 1075mm

Workagile Anyway modular table diamond shape

Anyway Diamond Table

Length: 1885mm
Depth: 850mm
Height: 780mm

Workagile Anyway modular table with wheels

Anyway Straight Table

Length: 1200-1600mm
Depth: 600-850mm
Height: 780mm

Workagile Anyway modular back panel

Anyway Back Panel

Width: 1574mm
Depth: 80mm
Height: 1450mm

Make it your own

Match your brand or design style by choosing one of our standard frame, shelf and tabletop finishes, or even RAL match for a perfect design statement!
Workagile Anyway modular seating and shelving


Workagile Anyway modular seat / shelf combination

Frame Options

Standard Frame Options

Workagile colour swatches
Workagile Anyway modular straight table in black

Tabletop/Shelving Finishes

Laminate Finish Options

Workagile table top colour options - swatches
Workagile Anyway modular diamond shaped table in black

Fenix Finish Options

Workagile colour swatches

Upholstered Seat Finishes

Band 1


Manhatten, Xtreme, Phoenix, Rivet, Era, Gravity & Advantage

Band 2


X2, Xtreeme CS, Main line Plus, Aspect, Main Line Flax, Honeycomb, Halcyon – Cedar, Halcyon – Aspen, Oceanic, Hi-Tech, Synergy, Chateau & Vita

Band 3


Silk, Zap, Main Line Flax Strip, Sumi, Acrobat, Kyoto, Nettle – Aztec, Synergy Quilt, Hourglass, Synergy Quilt Chevron, Synergy Channel, Blazer, 24/7 +, 24/7 Flax & Hemp


Remix 3, Canvas 2, Atlas, Clara 2, Steelcut 2 & Steelcut Trio 3


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