Naturally beautiful meeting pods,
for quality quiet time


A premium soundproof pod range, with up to 38dB sound reduction. With a real wood-veneer doorset, BUSYPOD will bring a real touch of class to your workspace. It’s the perfect solution for truly soundproof spaces that look the part.

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Quality soundproofing

Up to 38dB sound reduction gives you true peace and quiet when you need it, or the privacy you deserve.

Real wood

Crafted using a real-wood veneer available in 3 beautiful wood tones, BUSYPOD will truly set your workspace apart.

Ventilation System

Integrated ventilation system changes the air regularly, keeping you refreshed and alert.

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Exceptional soundproofing

35-38Db sound insulation giving far superior level of privacy achieved through a real latched door with double-seal technology.

Beautiful, natural finishes

Soft wood tones and contrasting metal sides offer a unique aesthetic unlike many basic or corporate looking designs matching the unique aesthetic often required.

Premium quality build

Premium materials used, sustainable and re-usable ensuring a sustainable and longer lifespan.

Fast and quiet ventilation

Air replaced every 40-60 seconds giving a fresher working space.

Fast installation

Our Phone and Meeting pods can be installed in less that 2 hours with minimal disruption to the office. The optimal solution for retro-fitting meeting spaces in a busy office!

Plug and Play

With everything is powered from a 3 pin plug, the pods are super simple to get up and going in minutes. Simply plug into a standard wall socket and you are ready to go!

Power and USB

All our pods come with UK Power and USB as standard so you always have access to power up your laptops or phones.

DDA Compliant

Medium, Large and XL pods are all available with an optional, foldable wheelchair ramp to make it accessible for people in wheelchairs.

Fire Warning System

Fire Warning System available, including a red warning light under the table, a sprinkler head, and a connection to the building’s fire alarm and sprinkler system, ensuring compliance and safety.

Sustainable and energy efficient

All our pods come with sensor activated lighting and ventilation, so you never need to worry about leaving the lights on.  The build materials are carefully chosen from sustainable sources.

Customisation options

7 exterior colour options & 3 Real Wood frame options as standard so you can tailor to your design or brand.

In Stock Range!

Fast delivery, when you need it most.

Sometimes as business changes, you need to quickly create more quiet spaces, meeting rooms or places for teams to work. Our In-Stock range of premium BUSYPODs in popular colourways is a perfect solution. Delivery Nationwide within weeks, sometimes days! Contact us for current availability and options.

BusyPod Sizes

& Measurements
Workagile Busypod line drawing on transparent background - single person

BUSYPOD Phonebooth

Width: 1020mm
Depth: 1020mm
Height: 2263mm

BUSYPOD Phonebooth Plus

Width: 1300mm
Depth: 1020mm
Height: 2263mm

Workagile Busypod line drawing on transparent background - Medium Work

BUSYPOD Medium Work (1 Person)

Width: 1607mm
Depth: 1300mm
Height: 2263mm

Workagile Busypod line drawing on transparent background - Medium Meet

BUSYPOD Medium Meet (2 Person)

Width: 1607mm
Depth: 1300mm
Height: 2263mm

Workagile Busypod line drawing on transparent background 1000x1000px

BUSYPOD Large (2-4 Person)

Width: 2107mm
Depth: 1300mm
Height: 2263mm

Workagile Busypod line drawing on transparent background - two chair

BUSYPOD Extra Large (4-6 Person)

Width: 2623mm
Depth: 2800mm
Height: 2263mm

Make it

your own

BUSYPOD frames can be made in natural wood veneer or lacquered in any RAL colour. Premium sound-control laminated glass is used in the windows as standard, alongside acoustic carpet for the flooring. PIR Sensors are used to activate lighting, occupation light & ventilation – meaning you can focus on your task in hand!


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