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Huddlebox Original

Huddlebox® Original is no ordinary boxes. It is a unique piece of design engineering, enabling you to create unlimited tiered seating layouts – getting people in a creative mindset, something that is more important than ever with increased numbers of people working in a hybrid way.

Huddlebox icon on green background

Huddlebox Stack

Huddlebox Stack is a flexible seating solution designed to help teams come together and collaborate, work, play or rest. Easy to build and reconfigure, Huddlebox Stack will move with your business, and can be easily configured to suit your teams’ activities for the moment.

Huddlebox Camp

Huddlebox Camp is an innovation on our existing Huddlebox system! The circular arrangement of tiered seating, which is arranged so colleagues can collaborate easily, and with the addition of screens and a central 360 camera, you can create an inclusive in-person/virtual hybrid meeting experience.

Huddlebox Edge

Huddlebox Edge is our most affordable tiered seating option, with larger sized modules that make the system more cost effective. The butt join construction method means there is a visible ‘Edge’ detail, where the panels of the modules are connected.

Huddlebox Mobile Planters

Huddlebox Mobile Planters are a perfect solution to pair with our popular Huddlebox range, bringing a touch of the outside-in, or to use as a beautifully natural way to create space division.

BusyPod Resources

A premium soundproof pod range, with up to 38dB sound reduction. With a real wood-veneer doorset, BUSYPOD will bring a real touch of class to your workspace. It’s the perfect solution for truly soundproof spaces that look the part.

Busypod meeting booth icon

BeCalm Resources

With a diverse selection of finishes, these thoughtfully designed pods epitomize sophistication. BeCalm stands out with exceptional soundproofing, ensuring a quiet retreat for focused work amid bustling surroundings.

MiiBox Resources

Get ready to add some style to your workspace with our latest range of modular phone and meeting booths! These pods are designed to be both affordable and elegant, so you can transform your workspace at an affordable price-point. And with built-in castors, you can easily move them around whenever you need.

Shack Resources

The Shack Booths give the ‘out of the office’ buzz to any meeting or even somewhere to work quietly alone. With its pitched roof design, shack enhances that ‘out of the office’ psychology.
Shack meeting booth icon

On The Move Resources

Taking multi-functional space division to the next level, On The Move combines storage, digital presenting, grid shelving, planting, brainstorming and more, in one compact mobile system!

Snug meeting booth icon

Anyway Resources

Anyway is a modular, space dividing system, that is designed with simplicity in mind. Boasting shelving and incorporated collaboration seating, the Anyway product is truly multi-functional.

Nimble Resources

Nimble provides flexibility within multi-functioning rooms. No paper? No problem. Choose a writeable surface finish and, with its folding mechanism, Nimble can be transformed from a meeting table to a presentation board within seconds.
Workagile Nimble Icon

Lilipad Resources

Lilipad is specially designed with wellness and productivity in mind.  The 1230mm diameter means you can easily sit with your feet elevated, which improves blood flow giving you greater concentration and improving focus.

Rokkadot Resources

Rokkadot® is a unique rocking workstation that brings an element of playfulness to the workplace with its integrated desk platform the perfect place for your notes, laptop or just a good book.
Rokkadot icon on green background

Dots Resources

Every workplace has a need for informal seating ‘dotted’ about! Dots provides the perfect solution when looking for somewhere to ‘perch’ within breakout or collaboration areas – ideal for impromptu meetings too!
Dots icon

Touch Resources

The office necessity taken to new heights. Touch offers incredible durability while the cut-out handle and flexy shell form make it the perfect fit for any Agile workspace!
Touch chair icon

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