Global Bank: Creating Innovative Workspace Solutions in Collaborative Venture

Huddlebox shown in circular office space at Global Bank

It has been widely reported that providing agile and innovative spaces for teams to work in improves productivity and employee wellbeing.

Workagile Huddlebox Tiered Seating in use

Our newest piece of design work, commissioned by a global bank, saw Workagile working closely with leading architects TP Bennett to conceptualise and design a bespoke workspace solution that would inspire and motivate its team.  Inquisitive, imaginative, individual, TP Bennett has been at the forefront of architecture and design for almost 100 years, offering cross sector expertise from a world-class team.

global bank huddlebox workagile3The brief was to provide a collaborative and agile work zone that would be situated in the large atrium area at the London offices of the Global Banking client. In order to make an impact on such a large space, but still create a personable and intimate work area, the team took a modular approach to the design, incorporating different heights and the ability to create architectural yet practical workspaces.

Workagile’s Huddlebox Original was the perfect tiered seating solution to create a flexible zone for meetings, presentations, brainstorming, break out and all things agile!

global bank huddlebox workagile6As well as being visually impactful, the modules are designed for comfort and are available in multiple neutral colours, soft edges and tactile felt fabrics, and can be arranged into 100s of different configurations dependant on need and purpose.

Modules also include planter options; and studies have proven that incorporating plants into your workspace have a multitude of advantages including improved air quality, reduced noise levels and improved creativity. Each aspect of the Huddlebox has been designed with the user experience in mind.

global bank huddlebox workagile2The tiered system plays into human’s innate tendency to climb, which means that even within the space itself, team members can break off for quiet time, divide up into thought and focus groups or simply take a lunch break in the comfort of the Huddlebox.

Working closely with the client, we were able to create a space that was aesthetically pleasing but also something that gives employees an inspiring space to create and innovate.

global bank huddlebox workagile7