SEB Life International Office Renovation: Creating a Sustainable and Collaborative Workspace in Dublin

SEB Life International, Huddlebox Original

SEB Life International, a leading global insurance company specialising in life and health insurance solutions, recognised the need to revamp their office space in Dublin to create a sustainable and collaborative workspace. The objective was to enhance employee engagement, foster innovation, and promote a culture of teamwork. To achieve these goals, SEB Life International partnered with renowned workplace strategy and design consultants, Burtt-Jones and Brewer, while contracting CPC Office as the project contractor. This case study highlights the successful implementation of Workagile’s Huddlebox, a modular and sustainable seating system supplied by CPC Office, for team presentations, collaboration, and town hall meetings.

Project Objectives

The office renovation project for SEB Life International in Dublin had the following key objectives:

a. Improve Acoustics: Address noise disturbances and create an environment conducive to concentration and productivity, thereby enhancing the overall work experience.

b. Foster Collaboration: Promote a collaborative work culture that encourages teamwork, knowledge sharing, and idea generation among employees.

c. Achieve Sustainability: Implement eco-friendly solutions and practices that reduce the environmental impact of the office space while ensuring long-term cost savings.

Collaboration & Solution

SEB Life International collaborated closely with Burtt-Jones and Brewer, an esteemed workplace strategy and design consultancy firm known for their expertise in creating innovative and sustainable workspaces. Together, they developed a comprehensive plan to transform the Dublin office space into a more collaborative and eco-friendly environment. As part of this plan, CPC Office was contracted to supply Workagile’s Huddlebox Original tiered seating system, which offered modular flexibility and sustainability.

Implementation & Results

CPC Office efficiently managed the installation of the Huddlebox seating system in SEB Life International’s Dublin office, ensuring a seamless and timely execution. The modular design of the Huddlebox Original system allowed for easy assembly and disassembly, enabling the relocation of seating arrangements as needed. This flexibility provided cost savings over time, as the seating system could be reconfigured and adapted to changing office layouts or even moved to a different location if required.

The implementation of the Huddlebox seating system had a significant positive impact on collaboration and employee engagement. The modular nature of the system facilitated better communication and interaction during team presentations, collaborative discussions, and town hall meetings. This fostered a sense of unity and teamwork, resulting in improved collaboration, idea-sharing, and collective problem-solving among employees.

Moreover, the Huddlebox seating system’s sustainability features were instrumental in achieving the project’s environmental objectives. The modular design reduced waste, as components could be reused or repurposed during reconfigurations or office moves. By embracing a sustainable seating solution, SEB Life International demonstrated its commitment to environmental responsibility while also benefiting from long-term cost savings.


Through the collaboration between SEB Life International, Burtt-Jones and Brewer, and CPC Office, the Dublin office space was successfully transformed into a sustainable and collaborative workspace. The integration of Workagile’s Huddlebox seating system effectively addressed the project objectives of enhancing collaboration, achieving sustainability, and fostering a collaborative work environment. Employees at SEB Life International now enjoy a workspace that promotes engagement, innovation, and effective knowledge sharing, while the use of modular and sustainable seating contributes to long-term cost savings and environmental responsibility. The revitalization of the Dublin office sets the stage for continued growth and achievement in the insurance industry, while exemplifying SEB Life International’s commitment to sustainability.

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