Global Banking Group: Incorporating Agile Working into the workspace

HSBC Sheffield Global Banking Group Case Study

Incorporating Agile Working into your workspace

Adopting an agile work ethos for any brand can feel daunting. Frequently when we’re approached to work on a project, the client’s goals are often the same. They want to be more responsive and to promote efficient and effective working while empowering employees.  

We know our agile working systems help clients achieve those goals, not only through the feedback we receive but the results of several studies and research papers. One such piece of Research by talent management firm BSP World found that 67% of agile businesses reported a significant boost to their productivity, up to 20% in some instances.

An agile workplace will always provide choice. Agile working is all about creating an environment where we can communicate, collaborate, be creative and have the choice to work to suit a task or even a mood.

The benefits of agile working have been reported as:

  • An increased sense of freedom and autonomy for workers
  • Improved wellbeing and a sense of happiness
  • Improved job satisfaction
  • Reduced operating costs due to space saving 

Our End User client, a large Global Banking Group, are all too aware of the benefits of agile working and wanted to further expand their efforts as part of an ongoing initiative to implement agile working across their workforce.

Project Director Naomi Buckley and Interior Designer Christina Kourtidi of tp bennett worked alongside Insightful Environments, one of the UK’s largest office furniture and workplace design consultancies to fulfil this leg of the project. 

Using the ever-popular Huddlebox system, the team incorporated it alongside a specially designed angled piece to create a creative and agile central touch down area with integral planting. The system was configured into two mirrored arrangements to fill the area, which sat within a steel frame surround.

The finish for the project was in ply to create a natural look, with seat cushions in varied tones to bring in splashes of colour.

Once again the Huddlebox delivered an excellent use of space through flexibility and creativity. 

For more information on Huddlebox, visit our product page here.

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