DAZN: Facilitating Effective Meetings and Calls


Project: DAZN
Dealer: Office Portfolio
Location: London

DAZN, a leading Streaming, Betting and Sports news service has been taking the World by storm with its modern, innovative approach to the World of Sports. They wanted to channel their young hearted, modern approach to the market into their London Office. A seamless transition was of upmost importance for DAZN, as they went from occupying two floors to a more streamlined, smaller scale office in London.

This upgraded environment needed to cater to their communication requirements, which were based around their specific need for more private spaces. Meeting spaces for group working, as well as focused zones and independent spaces were a primary objective for this project. These main objectives led us to collaborate with Office Portfolio on behalf of DAZN, opting for the BUSYPOD soundproof pod range.

BUSYPOD Phone & Meeting Booths


BUSYPOD was the perfect product for DAZN’s office optimisation. These functional pods and booths were selected to address both the soundproofing and aesthetic considerations crucial for a dynamic work culture. Workagile’s forward thinking team, along with Office Portfolio, strategically looked at where to place these exceptional pods to ensure the transition to a single floor did not compromise the privacy and efficiency of DAZN’s meetings and calls.

With custom branding and manifestation, the aesthetic considerations of the booths were seamlessly integrated. The occupancy light, coupled with the black lacquered finish, which was customised to match the aesthetics of the space, meant the pods seamlessly fitted the design intent of the new office. DAZN was also presented with the choice between pod sizes to suit different meeting types. All these features combined meant that DAZN’s specified requirements were met and the pods have been a very successful addition to the new London office.

Key Features

Soundproofing: BUSYPOD booths are designed with advanced soundproofing technology to create a quiet and focused environment within the bustling office setting. With up to 38db sound reduction and a real wood-veneer door set, the soundproofing quality is unparalleled.

Aesthetics: Crafted using real wood and available in 3 beautiful tones, the natural and modern design of BUSYPOD not only complements the overall office aesthetics, but also contributes to the professional, sophisticated atmosphere at DAZN’s London headquarters.

Power: All pods come with UK Power and USB ports as standard, so booth users have access to power whenever they need it, facilitating productivity and uninterrupted workflow.

Client Feedback

Workagile visited DAZN’s office to see how the installation and implementation of the BUSYPOD‘s had been. Upon this visit, it was revealed that BUSYPOD phone and meeting booths have proved to be highly successful! Employees shared positive feedback, highlighting the increased utility of these booths for conducting meetings and private calls. This positive feedback showed us at Workagile that the main objectives had been carried out successfully to the benefit of DAZN’s staff. Staff also told us that they were impressed with the soundproofing capabilities of BUSYPOD which ensured a disturbance-free environment at all times, enhancing the overall productivity levels. DAZN’s management expressed satisfaction with the aesthetic appeal of the booths, with all members of the group happy with the outcome of this project.


In conclusion, the BUSYPOD phone and meeting booths not only met but exceeded the expectations set forth by DAZN during the project brief. The flexibility of BUSYPOD’s modular design seamlessly aligned with the dynamic needs of DAZN, reflecting the success of soundproof pods in a downscaled environment. This case study stands as a testament to the successful implementation of Workagile’s innovative solutions which combine both aesthetics and functionally to meet the requirements of modern workplaces.

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