BT Bristol: Promoting collaboration with Huddlebox Original

BT Bristol

Main Objectives

Workagile had the privilege of collaborating with Showcase Interiors & ID:SR Sheppard Robson on BT’s new Bristol Office, where a big focus was placed on creating dynamic, collaborative spaces. This project sees a further extension to BTs Better Workplace Programme being rolled out. Recognizing the importance of enhancing employee engagement, BT sought to build upon their ‘Show and Tell spaces’ with our innovative tiered seating solution.

BT Bristol

Product Used

Our premium Huddlebox Original tiered seating was the centerpiece of BT’s collaborative spaces. The sleek, clean lines and signature edge detail enhances the visual appeal as well as ensuring a secure and robust construction, upholding the the highest standards of health and safety.

Our commitment to sustainability shines through with this product as every panel of Huddlebox is designed to be reused and recycled. Our big focus on sustainability aligned perfectly with BT’s environmental values on protecting the environment and responsible, transparent business.

Implementation and Impact

Huddlebox has met its objectives by facilitating seamless collaboration and communication among team members. By providing comfortable and engaging environment for presentations, brainstorming sessions, and team meetings, the Huddlebox has become an integral part of BT Bristol’s office culture, fostering a sense of unity and collaboration among employees.


The integration of Huddlebox tiered seating has been a resounding success at BT’s Bristol Offices. Huddlebox has met BT’s main objective of enhancing collaboration, all whilst being as dynamic and visually appealing as possible. Our Huddlebox tiered seating range remains a testament to the power of thoughtful design, helping our clients build relationships and drive successes in their field.   

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