Santander: Workplace Transformation with Huddlebox


Workagile had the privilege of collaborating closely with MJF Interiors International to help recreate Santander’s workspace at 2 Triton Square in London. Workagile helped enable dynamic, productivity increasing environments through collaboration furniture systems that reflected Santander’s commitment to sustainability, transparency and diversity.


Implementation and Impact

The project encompassed a vast area of 200,000 square feet across several floors of their Head Office in London. To achieve their goal of modern, flexible, and creative spaces, they chose Workagile’s Huddlebox Original as a key component of their design strategy. Along with MJF Interiors International, we meticulously planned the design placement of Huddlebox Original configurations throughout Santander’s offices to ensure employees got the full benefit.

Key Features

The Huddlebox Original was selected for its exceptional design and product quality. With its modular and flexible design, our tiered seating solution offered the versatility Santander needed to adapt to their ever-changing workplace needs. By strategically positioning our tiered seating solutions on multiple floors, the full benefits of these spaces were realised. Its sleek aesthetics and functional features complemented the modern design ethos of the project exceptionally.


The outcome is truly outstanding; Employees now have access to versatile and comfortable seating options for meetings, presentations, and collaborative work sessions, contributing to a more vibrant and productive work culture.

Workagile’s partnership with MJF Interiors International, along with architecture and planning specialists LOM architecture and design & Osborne+Co, has resulted in a successful workspace transformation project. By leveraging the best in the market features of the Huddlebox Original, Santander has created a workspace of the future that inspires best practice among employees. This project shows the power of thoughtful design and strategic placement throughout large corporate offices.

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