Global Pharmaceutical Company: Enticing Employees Back To The Office

Global Pharmaceutical Company Project, Huddlebox

The global pharmaceutical company faced the challenge of inviting its employees back to the office and cultivating a culture of collaboration and knowledge sharing. With remote work becoming the norm, there was a need to create an environment that would entice employees to return to the office and provide spaces where they could engage in productive and informal interactions.

The Goal

The goal of the project was to design and implement a collaborative and inviting social space within the client’s office in Brussels. This space would serve as a hub for employees to relax, socialise, and engage in casual conversations, ultimately fostering a sense of community and encouraging collaborative working and knowledge sharing.


To address the global pharmaceutical company’s requirements, Workagile supplied a range of innovative furniture solutions tailored to create an ideal collaborative environment. The implementation included the following components:

  1. Huddlebox Original tiered seating: Workagile provided Huddlebox, a versatile collaboration piece, to serve as the centerpiece of the social space. Huddlebox facilitated group discussions, brainstorming sessions, and collaborative work. Its tiered seating design encouraged engagement and provided a comfortable and inclusive environment for employees to share ideas and knowledge. 
  2. Shack Focused and Collaborative Booths: Workagile’s Shack booths were strategically placed to offer meet and greet spaces and accommodate informal meetings and catch-ups. These cozy and secluded areas provided privacy while promoting open discussions and idea exchanges.
  3. Nimble Folding Tables: Workagile’s Nimble folding tables were incorporated to add flexibility and adaptability to the social space. These tables could be easily arranged and rearranged to accommodate various activities, such as team presentations, events, and interactive sessions. Their foldable design allowed for efficient space utilisation and facilitated the creation of different seating configurations as needed.


Workagile successfully met the challenge of helping to invite people back to the global pharmaceutical company’s office and creating a collaborative work environment. The implemented solution, comprising of Huddlebox Original tiered seating, Shack collaborative booths, and Nimble folding tables, transformed the office space into a dynamic and inviting social hub. By providing areas for casual interactions and promoting knowledge sharing, the project fostered a sense of community and encouraged collaboration among the company’s employees. Workagile’s furniture solutions proved instrumental in creating a vibrant and functional workspace that met the project goals of collaboration and employee engagement.

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