Mutu 750

‘If’ (a big if) we still call them desks (the place someone usually sits and does their work), then to call it a desk does not do it justice. If (another big if) Mutu were to ever get in the dictionary then its meaning would read something like this – an article of furniture that promotes highly mutual working conditions for multiple persons who either work for extended periods of time in a single location or collaborate with others for short periods of time. Or both!

Mutu’s highly flexible ergonomic options offers the designer huge flexibility in creating a truly multifunctional environment.

Designer’s comment:
There are two aspects to this product that we are particularly proud of. Firstly, the product appears to be split down the middle (giving each individual their own space). And secondly, by introducing a foot rest in the high level option persons can work for longer periods of time than the typical scenario where they have to hook their feet on the stool.

Mutu tops are available in Laminate, Linoleum and Fenix. See below standard examples, however, any option or colour can be produced on request.