5 ways to get Pacific Northwest style

Pacific Northwest Design at Starbucks Seattle

From Vancouver to Seattle, the Pacific Northwest is home to a diverse, vibrant design scene.

With a long-standing regard for the design heritage of Japan and South Korea, Pacific Northwest design embraces its direct and historical influences with widespread wooden structures. It extends the colour palette found in the natural environment with stone, slate, and cloud greys being combined with exposed brick, simple carpentry and hand-crafted textiles. Brought together with mid-20th century statement pieces this laid-back down-to-earth style is sweeping the nation.

Designers are fluidly blending Pacific Northwest design with modern-day living. Here are 5 ways to bring Pacific Northwest style to your next interior design project.

1. Rustic charm:

Thanks to their coastal location, Oregon and Washington are blessed with a rich variety of architectural landscapes including vertiginous mountains, forests fortresses, and breath-taking stretches of sandy beaches. To recreate true Pacific Northwest style, interior design must embrace the inconsistencies and imperfections found in nature.

Pacific Northwest style
A dawn mist over one of Oregon’s many forests.

Slate countertops are reminiscent of late evening fog, wooden furniture embraces the various shading and grain found in locally sourced oak, willow or birch trees and decorations are primitive in creation; handmade ceramics or driftwood carvings replace technological gadgets or plastic ornaments. With unforgiving seasons, both wildlife and wilderness must be resilient in the Pacific Northwest; so too with Pacific Northwest style. It is sturdy, strong and impenetrable.

‘Forbi’ by Workagile – suspended solid timber lighting in oak, ash and walnut.

2. Neutral tones:

Pacific Northwest Style adopts a calming balance of colours. Whilst accent colours can be bolder, such as a glowing sunset orange, base colours are typically cooler hues such as bark, sand, and fern.

Neutral Tones
Early morning mist in the Pacific Northwest.

The colour scheme should be effortlessly inviting and cosy no matter the time of year. Simplicity is key when it comes to furniture with neutral tones, so opt for lighter shades of malt, almond and oatmeal.

Neutral tones offices
‘Archy’ by Workagile – neutral tables and benches, essential for collaboration.


3. Ample space

Just like natural habitats, Pacific Northwest style is uncomplicated and spacious. There is freedom to place objects around the room, with the only exception being to ensure there is ample space for people to roam freely throughout.

Pacific Northwest style embodied within Seattle’s largest Starbucks

An open plan layout is integral to the room’s wellbeing to recreate the vast amount of space in the Pacific Northwest, and essential for humans’ wellbeing so that they don’t feel trapped in one space.

‘Haag’ by Workagile – spacious, minimalistic and honest multifunctional furniture


4. Heritage patterns

No Pacific Northwest styling can be without Native American blankets. Traditional Navajo patterns are bold, intricate in style and often used for statement pieces.

A photograph of a Native American throw.

Place your Cherokee rug under the table or drape a handcrafted Navajo throw across your limestone coloured couch.

5. Animal products

Pacific North Westerners will have traditionally sought their meat from the local lands. Not wanting any part of an animal to go to waste, it is not uncommon for leather and animal skins to be used in Pacific North West design.

Utilising animal products is part of Pacific Northwest styling, including leather, fur and bone

Leather armchairs or leather-topped stools incorporate the importance wildlife played in traditional Pacific Northwest lifestyles. Place a soft sheepskin or cowhide under coffee tables or entranceways for a subtler homage to animal products.

dots by workagile
‘Dots’ by Workagile – informal upholstered seating, perfect for impromptu discussions or meetings


For further interior design inspiration, pop in to Workagile’s Pacific Northwest-inspired showroom on Banner Street, Clerkenwell, London, less than 5 minutes’ walk from Old Street tube station. In the meantime check out Workagile’s stories that explore aspects of biophilia, how to redefine boundaries using desks and forward thinking spaces for innovation. To discuss products featured in this article or how Workagile can help design your spaces, get in touch on 020 3904 6688 or email london@work-agile.com.

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