Integrating Nature with Flexible Office Design

Nature, Planting

The world is moving at a faster pace than ever, and the importance of Integrating Nature with Flexible Office Design has gained attention from architects and designers alike. As businesses strive to create sustainable, more productive workplaces, harnessing the power of greenery has major benefits. From Biophilic Design elements to fully integrated green office space, the benefits of connecting nature to indoor spaces are profound.

Environmentally Pleasing and Sustainable:

Biophilic design embodies a sustainable approach to architecture and design. By featuring natural elements like plants, natural light, and water features, biophilic design mimics the beauty and tranquility of the outdoors, naturally calming those who are in its presence. Not only does this approach enhance the aesthetic appeal of buildings, but it also promotes environmental sustainability by reducing energy consumption, improving air quality, and fostering a deeper connection to nature to all those surrounded by these incredible design elements.

The Impact on Employee Well-being and Productivity:

Environmental psychology research tells us that being connected to nature can assist with psychological restoration. When employees are surrounded by natural, biophilic elements, their stress levels are reduced, their creativity levels are increased, and their overall job satisfaction is boosted. Employees are more likely to come into the office over working from home when they love their working environment

In fact, Microsoft installed treehouse conference rooms to help employees become more intertwined with nature! In a blog on this space, they wrote, ‘the usual corporate sounds of clicking doors, conference calls, and heels on concrete melt away. A fall wind sweeps through emerald branches. Every once in a while, a pinecone drops to the deck with a soft thud. A sudden ruckus breaks the gentle morning hush: a squirrel scrambling for breakfast charges across the arms of nearby hemlock and western red cedar. Welcome to a new kind of workspace that’s helping employees benefit from what science shows is the powerful impact of nature on creativity, focus, and happiness.’

4. Workagile’s forward thinking approach:

Enter Workagile, a pioneering force in office design, with their revolutionary Borders Planters, On The Move Hanging Plants and Live Walls (that can also be not so live). These innovative storage solutions can seamlessly integrate both faux and real plants, bringing nature into every corner of your office with style and efficiency.

  1. Flexibility and Mobility: Borders Planters are designed for versatility, allowing for easy space division and ultimate flexibility levels. With their mobile design, these units can be effortlessly moved and rearranged with built in castors, providing a perfect space division option for dynamic, sustainability centric work environments.
  1. The Best of Both Worlds – Real and Faux Plants: Like the idea of Biophilia your office, but you’re not sure about the upkeep? While real plants offer the benefits of improved air quality and a sense of vitality, faux plants require minimal maintenance and can thrive in environments with limited natural light. Our products are designed to facilitate both, depending on your preference.
  1. Creating a Green Oasis in the Workplace: Using Live Walls and Mobile and Hanging Planters, architects, designers, and businesses can create green oases that promote productivity, creativity and wellbeing. Use these products as room dividers or decorative accents- these versatile units bring a touch of nature to any setting.


Integrating Nature with Office Design is not merely a trend; it is a fundamental shift towards creating healthier, more inspiring work environments for everyone that works from an office. As businesses continue to prioritize the health and happiness of their workforce, Integrating Nature with Flexible Office Design will undoubtedly play a central role in shaping the workspaces of the future. Workagile is at the forefront of this inherently sustainable movement, creating products that combine both form and function perfectly.