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Agile working is all about creating a space that provides choice

We believe that a truly agile workplace will always provide choice and our ethos is all about creating spaces that offer just that; this is how we thrive in making spaces agile.

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Small space – Big ideas

For some, the luxury of space is simply not a possibility. Or so it would seem…
For our latest project, working with our client Siblingz – a Design and Turnkey Project Specialist – were looking to make the most out of the small space they had to work with.


Cool workspaces

Our newest piece of design work,
commissioned by a global bank, saw Workagile working closely with leading architects tp bennett to conceptualise and design a bespoke workspace solution that would inspire and motivate its team.


Why does Clerkenwell attract so many architects and interior design showrooms?

Clerkenwell is Islington’s oldest residential and business district. Well-known as a design destination for architects and interior designers alike, do you know how and why Clerkenwell became so popular and how it got its name?


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