Mutu Table: Redefining Boundaries (in more ways than one)

Staff working at Mutu table in bare brick office

The whole country is a patchwork of territories with fences, hedges and rivers defining boundaries between geographical, political and personal spaces.

Aerial view over picturesque patchwork landscape of green pasture, lush meadows and golden wheat crop fields amongst the rolling hills and quiet valleys below blue summer skies.

Whether literal or subliminal similarly boundaries exist in the workplace and it is important to work with the human tendency to ‘stake out my own patch’. As commented by Genslers Philip Tidd:

people tend to want to work in the same place every day and sit with the same people

Even spaces designed for hot-desking will benefit from a design that defines the ‘desk’ space.

Mutu gives the designer the perfect fusion between large open table and individual desks. Large 750mm or 1100mm high tables can be created made up of clearly defined individual zones either 1100mm x 560mm or 1800 x 560mm. (Photos)

Maybe today it is an open collaboration table and tomorrow it is 4 individual work stations.

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