Committed to Protecting our National Woodland

Workagile Logo on a fallen autumn leaf

Here at Workagile we are committed to protecting our National Woodland and reducing carbon by planting trees in the National Forest.

Maintaining a balance of natural resources for future generations.

At Workagile we are dedicated to not only protecting our national woodlands, but ensuring our environment is looked after too. That’s why we are working in collaboration with National Forest to ensure that for every purchase you make, we will cover the cost of a planting a tree, on your behalf.

Did you know..?

UK forests and woodlands are a carbon sink, as they remove about 10 million tonnes of carbon from the atmosphere every year. One tree in a 40-year lifetime can absorb up to 1 tonne of carbon.

Why choose Workagile?

By choosing Workagile furniture today you could protect the environment from up to 1 tonne of carbon in the next 40 years.