Aspects of biophilia in the workplace – Shelter

Thatched hut / shack

Where ever you go in the world or however far back you look in time humans have been experts at putting a ‘roof over their heads’. This quest for shelter from the elements and need for security Is due to a very human emotion – vulnerability.

An extreme example is the Anderson shelter which provided somewhere to run and hide when most vulnerable during the bombing in the second world war.

This need for shelter has become an integral part of our generic beings. As a child I was forever building a Den…

And as we get older this instinct never leaves us, it just gets more sophisticated! I particularly like (and I am going to build one of these!) this one owned by renowned designer Paul Smith who had a ‘shed / office’ made for him….

Designing ‘shelter’ into the human workplace can help employees feel more comfortable less vulnerable. Somewhere to go with a roof over their head….

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